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Audio in Media

  • Programme Length: 24 Weeks/Full-Time (750 Hours)
  • Class Times: Monday to Friday 9:30am - 3:00pm (Labs 3:00pm - 5:00pm)
  • Class Size: 15 students
  • Textbook: Audio in Media 10th Edition by Stanley R. Alten
  • Starting Dates: See start dates
  • Tuition: $10,700.00 CAD all inclusive
  • Tuition credit for students who have completed any of our part-time courses.*
  • Qualification Awarded on Completion: Diploma
  • Audio in Media FAQ

Upon completion of this programme, students will possess the skills that apply to numerous types of audio production. With these skills students will be qualified to fill a variety of entry level positions in multi-track recording production, live sound reinforcement, theatre sound, radio production, location sound production, post-production for television and film and professional A/V.

    Term One: Audio Production Concepts & Technology

    Preparing students with Audio Production Concepts & Technology is fundamental in all areas of audio production. Students will be presented with theory through lectures, and gain valuable experience through practical projects, workshops, and labs. This term equips students with a solid understanding of the tools necessary to capture quality sound moving forward to Term Two for advanced training in each branch of audio production.

    • Acoustics & Psychoacoustics
    • Sound Transmission & the Recording Space
    • Signal Flow & the Recording Chain
    • Mixers, Consoles, Control Surfaces & Signal Routing
    • Technical Ear Training
    • Recording Media - Analogue Recording & the Analogue to Digital Conversion
    • Microphones & Microphone Techniques
    • Instrument Recording Workshops
    • Signal Processors - Equalisers, Variable Gain Amplifiers, Reverb & Delay
    • Digital Audio Workstations
    • Audio Production Software Applications - Pro Tools, Reason, Logic & Wwise
    • Synthesis, Samplers & Virtual Instruments
    • MIDI
    Term Two: Advanced Audio Production Mentorships

    Students will move into Audio Production Mentorships gaining advanced training and valuable insight from professionals in the industry through mentorship. Students will take their general knowledge of concepts & technology previously learned and apply them to more specialized areas of audio production. Mentors will guide students through their area of expertise practicing current techniques and critique of projects.

    • Music Production
    • Sound for Picture I: Location Sound
    • Sound for Picture II: Post-Production & Sound Design
    • Radio Production
    • [Sound for Interactive Media]
    • Live Sound Reinforcement
    Term Three: Final Practicums

    Students will focus their final practicum on three projects of audio production branches in which they will conduct more demanding projects, each to be evaluated. In the final week of the programme, industry lecturers will guide students in portfolio development and career planning.

    • Music Production
    • Sound for Picture
    • Radio Production
    • [Sound for Interactive Media]
    • Mastering and Portfolio Development
    • Career Planning Strategies

    *Please call our administration office for details.