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Educational (EDu)
Recording Sessions

MOSMA's Educational Recording Sessions are a component of our Audio in Media programme. The objective is to provide a quality educational experience for our students while fostering a unique collaboration within our local artistic community. Musicians can expect a high quality product in exchange for providing students with an opportunity to develop their skill set within the Audio in Media programme.

  • EDu Recording Sessions FAQs
    • Q: Who can apply? What genres of music are acceptable? Do I need to have a "band"?
      A: Everyone is welcome to apply for sessions by submitting the form below. We accept applicants from any/all genres of music. Solo artist/one-person band are also considered for recording sessions.
    • Q: What happens with our music when mixing is completed?
      A: You will be provided with a complete multi-track data backup of the session in its entirety on your own hard drive.
    • Q: Do I own my recordings/the copyright to my music?
      A: Yes. MOSMA has no rights to your music although the project may be used in the future in an educational capacity.
    • Q: Is there a cost involved?
      A: No. There is no application fee associated with Educational Recording Sessions.
    • Q: So I can make an album at MOSMA for free?
      A: No. MOSMA recording sessions are primarily intended to provide our students with an educational experience. Completion (tracked and mixed) of one or two songs is a reasonable expectation within the time allocated for these sessions.
    • Q: Does my band need to record live, together? What about a metronome (click)?
      A: We are interested in accommodating what works on a group by group basis. Although recording with a metronome can assist in editing/comping, it is by no means mandatory. The method/schedule of recording will be discussed prior to the sessions with an instructor.
    • Q: Do I have to be available to mix with the students?
      A: We encourage collaboration between artists and students but it is not mandatory if schedule does not allow. We would, however, ask that feedback be given on the first draft of a mix, which will be sent via email. Revisions will be made based on artist feedback on mixes.
    • Q: Can sessions go over time?
      A: No. Scheduled times need to be adhered to as there is often more than one recording session per day. An instructor will outline the schedule as it pertains to your session dates.
    • Q: Is there back line equipment available? Can we store our gear?
      A: MOSMA will provide equipment required for recording (microphones, stands, headphones, etc.). Bands are required to bring their own musical instruments. Instrument storage is limited and must be approved by staff in advance.
    • Q: What happens if we need to cancel?
      A: Please do not apply for a session if you are uncertain of your availability. In the event that you need to cancel, provide as much notice as possible.

    • + Apply Now

      If you are interested in participating, please complete the form below. Submissions are reviewed by an instructor and you will be contacted once received.

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