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Canadian Students

Every year MOSMA welcomes students from rural Manitoba and many provinces across Canada. We believe Winnipeg offers our students a great opportunity to indulge in a vibrant arts community, which expresses itself through many festivals and events throughout the year. Having students from various provinces adds a very unique element to our learning environment, as we know that each individual brings with them their own experiences and knowledge.

Winnipeg's cost of living is affordable and our standard of living is high, this allows students to benefit from reasonable tuition costs, rent, transportation, as well as monthly utilities and recreation.

  • + Housing

    Your Housing

    Winnipeg is home to many post-secondary educational institutions and this is reflected in the high availability of short term housing for students. The low cost of living in the city makes it easier for any student to live and study within their budget. Various options are available such as; Home-stay, where a student rents a single room or suite within a family home, one bedroom apartments for those students who prefer more independent and private living, as well as shared accommodations, where students would have one or more tenants sharing an apartment or home.

    Home-Stay/Host Family:

    Accommodations with Host Families can vary in cost depending upon amenities such as; room size, meals, Internet access, personal TV & telephone, distance from transit and so on.

    Average cost for Standard Accommodation starts at $600.00 CAD per month. Standard amenities included:

    • Private room with a window
    • Comfortable bed (includes linen, duvet, blanket and two pillows per bed)
    • Night table, lamp, and alarm clock/radio or a dresser
    • Work desk with chair, desk lamp, closet and mirror
    • Access to TV with cable channels in the living room
    • Private or shared bathroom
    • Meals (If required: cost per month will increase depending on 1-3 meals/day

    There are typically three levels of Home-stay accommodations: Standard (listed above), Semi-Deluxe, and Deluxe. The differences between them may include private bathroom, double/queen size bed, room size, in-room high speed Internet, in-room TV etc.

    For more information: Winnipeg Homestay Agency

    Apartment Rental:

    Apartment and house rentals will vary on what is included with the rental cost. This will depend on whether or not it is furnished, what utilities are included (electricity, water, and gas/heat), and location.

    Average cost for an Un-furnished bachelor apartment starts at $549.00 CAD per month. Standard amenities included:

    • Fridge
    • Stove
    • Hydro
    • Heat (Gas)
    • Water
    • Full Bath
    • On-Site Laundry

    For more information: RentBoard.ca

    • + Transportation

      Your Transportation

      MOSMA is located in central Winnipeg, a fifteen-minute bus-ride to the downtown area where most transfer locations to various parts of the city are available. As a Registered Private Vocational Institution in Manitoba, our students are able to obtain ID Go-Cards, which give students access to various discounts as Post Secondary Students; one of these is Transit Passes. Monthly Transit Passes are the most economical choice for students who do not have access to a vehicle. We also have a bike compound for students who wish to cycle to school or you might arrange car-pooling with your fellow students if available.

      Monthly Transit Pass:

      • Full Fare: $100.10 (2019)
      • Post-Secondary Pass (MOSMA Students): $80.10 (2019)

      For more information: Winnipeg Transit