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Introduction to
Multi-Track Recording

  • Course Length: 5 Weeks (30 Hours)
  • Class Times: Monday & Wednesday Evenings 6:30pm - 9:30pm
  • Class Size: 4 students
  • Delivery: In-Class (Studio A)
  • Qualification Awarded on Completion: Certificate of Participation
  • Tuition: $795.00 CAD all inclusive
  • Registration Requirements: See School Admissions
  • Starting Dates: See start dates
    Overview »

    This course delivers a comprehensive introduction to the multi-track recording studio workflow. Topics covered include Consoles, Signal Flow, Microphones and Pro Tools Digital Audio Workstation. During the course our students are led through two complete recording sessions.

    • + Course Outline »

      • Class 1 - Introduction to the Recording Studio Signal Flow.
      • Class 2 - The Recording Console & Signal Routing.
      • Class 3 - Microphones & Microphone Techniques.
      • Class 4 - Miking Drums
      • Class 5 - Introduction to Pro Tools DAW.
      • Class 6 - Basic Session - Recording.
      • Class 7 - Basic Session - Mixing.
      • Class 8 - Full Multi-Track Recording session. Bedtracks.
      • Class 9 - Full Multi-Track Recording session continued. Overdubs.
      • Class 10 - Full Multi-Track Recording session. Mixing

      • + Tuition Credit (PTCC) »

        Education is an important investment for all students this is why MOSMA created the Part Time Completion Credit (PTCC). The PTCC applies to students who have completed any of our part time courses and would be eligible for up to $300.00 tuition credit towards the Audio in Media tuition, a SOUND investment.

        Who is eligible?

        Any student who has *completed one or two part time courses offered by Mid-Ocean School of Media Arts after January 1, 2005. *Attendance of all 10 classes is considered a completion or where a certificate was awarded.

        How much credit do I earn?

        Completion of 1 part time course = $150.00
        Completion of a 2nd part time course = add $150.00
        Potential Credit = $300.00

        Can I receive a refund instead of credit?

        No, this is a credit toward full-time tuition. The PTCC is applied toward your Audio in Media tuition upon successful application of the intended intake. The PTCC is a one-time credit and cannot be applied to future dates due to voluntary transfers or withdrawals.

        When is the PTCC applied to my Audio in Media tuition?

        The credit amount will be applied to the tuition balance after the initial instalment and Confirmation of Enrolment has been submitted.