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How to Apply

Interested individuals can submit application/registration forms via mail, e-mail or fax. Alternatively, applications can be dropped off in person at our administration office.

If you have any further questions about our school or to schedule a guided tour of our facility please contact us.

Audio in Media

Tuition Information »

Tuition for the Audio in Media programme is $18,900.00; this includes books & supplies.

Mid-Ocean School of Media Arts is a registered Private Vocational Institution under The Private Vocational Institutions Act; as such, students are eligible for funding options to assist with their educational training. Please contact our admissions office if you require assistance or have questions regarding financial planning.

  • + Application Requirements »

    • Applicant must have high school graduation or high school equivalent (GED), and must be 18 years of age by programme start date.
    • Complete the Audio in Media Application Form.
    • Provide an original of most recent educational transcript.
    • A 300-word essay describing your interest in audio, future goals, experiences, and why you chose this career.
    • An interview with a MOSMA Administrator.
    • International applicants must ensure results have been received by MOSMA Admissions from their chosen English proficiency test provider: IELTS or TOEFL. See: MOSMA International Students Page for details.

    • + Application Procedure »

      • Ensure all required documents listed above are included. International applicants must confirm English proficiency results have been received by Admissions.
      • Submit your application by drop-off at our admissions office, by mail, fax, or scan and email your application to info@midoceanschool.ca. If submitting by mail, fax, or email; please mail your original transcript to our admission office or submit at time of interview.
      • Once your application package is received, you will be contacted to schedule an interview.
      • Following the interview, you will be notified by letter (1 to 2 weeks) regarding the status of your application.
      • If accepted, a seat will be held pending your COE (Confirmation Of Enrolment).
      • For COE; a $1,000.00 CAD instalment is required within 10 business days from acceptance date. This amount is deducted from the total tuition and includes a $150.00 non-refundable/non-transferable administration fee. If enrolment is not confirmed by the due date, Your seat will be open to other accepted applicants.
      • Your remaining tuition balance is due before the first day of classes unless third-party funding has been approved; if so, notification of funding is required prior to the start date.
      • You must inform an administrator at time of instalment if you are considering third party funding such as: Federal/Provincial Student Aid, First Nations/Band Sponsorship, RESP, Training & Employment Services or other third party funding.

      Part-Time Courses

      Tuition Information »

      Tuition for the Part-Time courses is $795.00. An instalment of $250.00 is required in order to reserve your seat with the remaining balance of $545.00 due on or before the first class.

      • + Registration Requirements »

        • + Registration Procedure »

          • Interested individual completes the appropriate registration form and submits to our administration office with required $250.00 instalment.
          • Upon reception of completed registration form and instalment a seat will be reserved.

          • + Tuition Credit (PTCC) »

            Education is an important investment for all students this is why MOSMA created the Part Time Completion Credit (PTCC). The PTCC applies to students who have completed any of our part time courses and would be eligible for up to $300.00 tuition credit towards the Audio in Media tuition, a SOUND investment.

            Who is eligible?

            Any student who has *completed one or two part time courses offered by Mid-Ocean School of Media Arts after January 1, 2005. *Attendance of all 10 classes is considered a completion or where a certificate was awarded.

            How much credit do I earn?

            Completion of 1 part time course = $150.00
            Completion of a 2nd part time course = add $150.00
            Potential Credit = $300.00

            Can I receive a refund instead of credit?

            No, this is a credit toward full-time tuition. The PTCC is applied toward your Audio in Media tuition upon successful application of the intended intake. The PTCC is a one-time credit and cannot be applied to future dates due to voluntary transfers or withdrawals.

            When is the PTCC applied to my Audio in Media tuition?

            The credit amount will be applied to the tuition balance after the initial instalment and Confirmation of Enrolment has been submitted.

            • + Refund Policy »

              Registration per course includes a non-transferable & non-refundable $75.00 administration fee. Tuition balance is due on the first day of classes. Due to high interest and small class size; withdrawal up to 15 business days prior to the start date of any course is required to be eligible for a refund minus the administration fee. Subsequent to this, no refund will be granted.

              Withdrawal must be received by a school administrator. All material must be returned within 5 business days of official withdrawal or replacement fees will be invoiced against the refund. All withdrawals are processed on the following Monday from the received withdrawal date. Refunds will be issued by cheque within 30 business days of the processing date.

              MOSMA Reserves the right to change tuition and fee amounts without prior notice.